Index of Previous Shows by Guest

Each interviewee talked about much more than what is listed here — this is just a quick guide to help you look through our previous shows.

Clicking on the topic will take you to the show’s page.

Bass, Jefferson (William Bass and Jon Jefferson) – forensic anthropology, the ‘body farm’

Bass, William – see Jefferson Bass

Bishop, Paul – interrogation, sex crimes investigation; changes needed in law enforcement

Black, Lisa – crime scene investigation

Blum, Deborah – toxicology

Bryant, Kevin M – Smart Policing Initiative, using statistics to fight crime

Bruegge, Richard W. Vorder – facial recognition technology

Burcell, Robin – police work, forensic art

Burke, Alafair – criminal justice real and imagined

Burke, Jan – forensic science reality vs TV/fiction/film ; interviewed by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Caldwell, Laura – wrongful convictions, writing, After Innocence

Calandra, Jeffrey – Iris, the FBI’s electronic detection dog

Cameron, Marc – tracking criminals, U.S. Marshals Service

Carner, Doug – audio and video evidence

Clark, Marcia – rules of evidence, criminal justice

Collins, Greg – Smart Policing Initiative, using statistics to fight crime

Conelli, Marco – undercover investigation

Corbett, David – private investigators

Fairstein, Linda – sex crimes, domestic violence, criminal justice

Fischer, Barry A.J. – forensic science policy and change

Fong, George – the FBI

Gialamas, Dean – inside the Los Angeles regional forensic science lab

Gilstrap, John – weapons and explosives

Glick, Betty – FBI program offering assistance to writers who need accurate information about the bureau

Goff, Lee – forensic entomology

Halber, Deborah – amateur investigators who find the missing

Hessel, Andrew – bioinformatics, bioterrorism, DIYbio

Houck, Max – inside the Washington DC forensic science lab

Houlihan, Bruce – inside the Orange County, California forensic science lab

Jacobsen, Alan – researching criminal profiling

Jacobsen, Andrea – financial crimes investigation

Jarvis, Jay – forensic science past and present

Jefferson, Jon – see Jefferson Bass

Johnson, Donald – crime scenes, criminalistics, new tech, professor of criminalistics at CSULA

Klinger, Leslie S. – Sherlock Holmes and forensic science

LaChasse, Scott – law enforcement; LAPD veteran and Chief of Police, Burbank Police Department

Leotta, Allison – federal prosecution of sex crimes and domestic violence

Lentini, John – scientific fire investigation

London, Marilyn – forensic anthropology, what bones can tell us

Lothridge, Kevin – the NFSTC, improving forensic science

Lyle, D.P. – forensic science reality vs TV/fiction/film; toxicology; interviewed by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Lynds, Gayle – espionage

Matthews, Todd – NamUs, missing persons cases, naming the unidentified dead; second program on this topic

Mayhew, Lisa – child death investigation

Melinek, Judy and T.J. Mitchell – forensic pathology

Mullins, John F. – weapons, anti-terrorism, security, Special Forces

O’Toole, Mary Ellen – criminal psychology, serial killers

Palumbo, Dennis – psychological trauma, writer’s block

Preston, Douglas – investigative reporting, Monster of Florence, Amanda Knox

Ramsland, Katherine – criminal psychology, BTK Killer

Reichs, Kathy – forensic anthropology

Roberts, Katherine – forensic science research and education

Ryan, Hank Phillippi – investigative news reporting

Safarik, Mark – criminal psychology, criminal profiling

Silverii, Scott – policing in small cities and towns

Shelton, Honorable Donald E. – courts, “CSI Effect,” technology and justice

Sledzik, Paul – the NTSB, mass fatality incident response

Starr, Douglas – science journalism, Lacassange, problems with police interview techniques

Tabor, Michael – forensic odontology

Tavel, Morton – are polygraphs (lie detectors) based on real science?

Warren, Cat – human remains detection dogs (cadaver dogs)

Wecht, Cyril – forensic pathology

White, Douglas – forensic use of the NIST National Software Reference Library

Wilson, Jeffery – combat surgery

York, Richard – financial crimes, part I and part II

Yorker, Beatrice Crofts – medical serial killers, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

You, Edward – FBI anti-bioterrorism, biological countermeasures, WMDs

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