June 14, 2014 The Art and Science of Law Enforcement: An Interview with Robin Burcell

Burcell 2013 Book Photo


Join D.P. Lyle and Jan Burke for an interview with author Robin Burcell. Hostage negotiation, forensic art, and police work are just some of the topics they’ll cover.
Robin Burcell is an FBI-trained forensic artist who has also worked as a police officer, detective, hostage negotiator and criminal investigator for nearly three decades. The Kill Order is her latest international thriller about an FBI forensic artist. Face of a Killer was the first in the series and received a starred review from Library Journal. It was followed by The Bone Chamber, The Dark Hour, and The Black List.
Robin Burcell on Twitter: @RobinBurcell

Kill Order cover


Robin Burcell’s Website: http://www.robinburcell.com
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ForensicArtist.com: http://www.forensicartist.com
History of Forensic Art: http://www.forensicartist.com/history/

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