January 4, 2014 The Devil’s Dozen: What Makes the Bad Guys Tick? – DP Lyle interviews Dr. Katherine Ramsland

Devil's Dozen

Join DP Lyle and Dr. Katherine Ramsland for a discussion of bad guys, who they are, what they do, and why they do what they do. Several cases from her excellent book The Devil’s Dozen will be discussed.

Click here to listen!

Katherine Ramsland’s Website

Katherine Ramsland’s Blog

Psychology Today: Shadow Boxing


The Devil’s Dozen: How Cutting-Edge Forensics Took Down 12 Notorious Serial Killers

The Sex Beast

The Ivy League Killer

The Mind of a Murderer


Evil, Part One: Its Manifestations

Evil, Part Two: The Heart of Darkness-Reframing Evil

Criminal Profiling: Part 1 History and Method

Profiling, Interactive

Criminal Profiling: the Reality Behind the Myth

Geographic Profiling

Offender Profiling, Wikipedia

Female Offenders, Crime Library

Women Who Kill, Part 1

Women Who KIll, Part 2

Arthur Shawcross, the Genessee River Strangler

Necrophiles, The Crime Library

Bite Marks as Evidence to Convict

Haunted Crime Scenes

Team Killers: Male

Forensic Toxicology

Sex Slaves: The Psychology of Mastery

The Vampire Killers

Serial Killer Groupies

Stalkers: The Psychological Terrorist 

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