October 5, 2013: Drugs, Poisons, Toxins, and Death with DP Lyle, MD


Join DP Lyle, MD as he discusses several famous cases that involve the use of drugs and poisons and reveals the toxicological principles behind each case. Kristen Rossum and the AmericanBeauty Murder, Stella Nickell’s product tampering, and the complex issues surrounding Kurt Cobain’s death are some of the topics to be discussed.

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Places you can learn more about the topics discussed on Episode 3:

Forensic Toxicology.net
Forensic Toxicology: Wikipedia
WSJ: Poison and Progress
Toxipedia: Toxicology Timeline
Kristin Rossum: Wikipedia
Murderpedia: Kristin Rossum
CBS 48 Hours: American Beauty (2009)
Stella Nickell: Wikipedia
Murderpedia: Stella Nickell
People: Killing Her Husband Wasn’t Enough for Stella Nickell; to Make Her Point, She Poisoned a Stranger
CBS 48 Hours: Bitter Pill: A Wife on Trial
Find-em: Stella M. Nickell Case
Kurt Cobain: Wikipedia
Death of Kurt Cobain: Wikipedia
Unsolved.com: Kurt Cobain
Justice For Kurt
Everyjoe.com: Kurt Cobain: Murder or Suicide? The Truth About the Nirvana Enigma
Youtube: Kurt Cobain: Death Conspiracy
Youtube: Nirvana Kurt Cobain’s Death Documentary
Ryder Salmen Dies From Drug-laced Mother’s Milk

Image of poison bottle above: © Pablo Caridad | Dreamstime.com

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