November 2, 2013: The Infancy of Toxicology: Interview with Deborah Blum, Author of The Poisoner’s Handbook


DP Lyle and Deborah Blum, author of the critically acclaimed book The Poisoner’s Handbook, discuss poisons, old and new, and the origins of forensic toxicology. Meet Charles Norris, New York City’s first ME, and Alexander Gettler, The Father of Forensic Toxicology, and walk with them through Jazz Age New York and the birth of forensic toxicology. Learn about poisons such as carbon monoxide, chloroform, arsenic, thallium, and many others.

Click here to listen!
Places you can learn more about the topics discussed on Episode 5:
Deborah Blum
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
5 Classic Poisons and the People Who Used Them
Famous Poisonings, Real and Fictional
Deadliest Poisons in History
Forensic Toxicology
Crime Library: Forensic Toxicology
Poison and Progress: WSJ
Thallium Poisoning
Facts About Thallium Poisoning
Mathieu Joseph Bonaventure Orfila, The Original Father of Toxicology

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