September 7, 2013: Hollywood Storytelling: Science Fact or Make Believe?

What’s the good, the bad, and the ugly when Hollywood tackles crime and science? Do they sacrifice science for story? What do they mostly get wrong? And right?

Join hosts Jan Burke and DP Lyle, MD on Suspense Magazine’s Crime and Science Radio program and find out.

Click Here to Listen!

Crime Lab Project Backlog Quiz
Crime Lab Project Death Quiz
Terri Sundquist on Promega Connections about Crime Science Investigation Myths
ProPublica Post-Mortem series—an excellent look at reality of death investigation
Lee Lofland on 10 Forensic Myths Spread by TV
Racine Journal-Times Article on the CSI Myth
“Facts show the true side of science behind CSI” article in Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
Real-World Forensic DNA Expert Lists “The Top 10 TV Crime Lab Myths”
“Ridiculous Photo Enhancement Scene from the TV Show CSI”
“The Cliche of Enhancing Images in Movies”
Infographic: CSI Miami vs Reality
National Forensic Science Technology Center CSI Effect Program
An informative PDF document about Forensic Science Myths and Facts from the NFSTC can be downloaded here
National Institute of Justice: A Guide for General Crime Scene Investigation
Forensic Talk: Crime Scene Procedures
CSI: Organization and Procedures for Search Operations
CSI: Documentation Procedures
Forensic Psychology: Guide To crime Scene Investigations
Autopsy: Wikipedia
NIH: Visible Proofs: Autopsy Videos  (Warning: Graphic)

Interfire: Example of an Autopsy Report
Crime Scene Evidence Files: Summary autopsy Report

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