September 21, 2013: The Science of Sherlock Holmes: Jan Burke and Leslie Klinger

Leslie S. Klinger is a Holmes expert of the first order. His The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes is one of the most highly regarded studies of Holmes and his world. What influenced Holmes’s scientific and investigative methods? And what influence has Holmes had on forensic science and criminal investigation? Jan Burke interviews Leslie S. Klinger about forensic science in the Victorian Age.

Join us on Suspense Magazine’s Crime and Science Radio program and find out.

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Places you can learn more about the topics discussed on Episode 2:
Leslie S. Klinger
Free Sherlock! Holmes Belongs to the World
The Baker Street Journal
The Sherlock Holmes Society of London
I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere
The Baker Street Babes

Timelines of Forensic Science History (please note that most have gigantic gaps in them):

History of the Bow Street Runners
History of the Metropolitan Police
National Library of Medicine’s “Visible Proofs” exhibit on history of forensic medicine
History of Use of Fingerprints in Identification
Profile of Eugene-Francois Vidocq
Examples of Bertillion Cards and other info on this system
Bertillion Biography
Contemporary article on Bertillion by renowned journalist Ida Tarbell
Article about the New York State Police’s Bertillion Bureau
Biography of Juan Vucetich, pioneer in systematic use of fingerprints for forensic purposes
Article on Edmund Locard
Mark Twain’s 1883 Life on the Mississippi
1895 Interview with Mark Twain on Fingerprints
Mark Twain and Fingerprints: Part 1

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